Monday, August 27, 2007

So far... Andy

Ok, I'm working on a new template... what do you think of this one. Particularly, the colors. I'll add graphics and stuff based on these colors later.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Deep Thoughts Andy

I'm finding things out about myself. I'm a geek, well, THAT I knew. I'm a geek that needs an artistic outlet. "Artistic" may not be the best word (I'm not an art-geek!), let me consult my inner thesaurus... Let's just call it a "creative" outlet. I feel really energized by writing code (javascript, xhtml/xml templates) just to prove to myself that I can create a nice and clean interface. One that goes well beyond plain, but does so while maintaining simplicity. Confused?

In short, It's how I feel about ice cream. I really like vanilla, I mean REALLY! I don't need the super random combination flavors. Sometimes it's nice, but you get tired of it... I never get tired of vanilla. Vanilla is a canvas, ready for the customization that makes it an individual masterpiece. I really like to create things that act as a canvas, that have a subtle richness that won't take away from the content. It is after-all the content that personalizes the experience and keeps people coming back.

It is my goal to create a few templates for use with the Google's blogger layouts. This is my sandbox. These templates will be available as I create them, most likely on this blog, but they may be posted HERE if I feel like it's ready for general availability.

If you have a special template request for your blog, let me know, I might throw some effort at it.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Ta-da Andy

For those that grew tired of my geeky-ness leaking into the "Two and a High Chair" blog, I have created this one. You can expect nerd posts, most of them computer related.

I will also use this blog to test out blog hacks and new features before it goes to the Family blog.

Hope you enjoy.