Monday, August 13, 2007

Deep Thoughts Andy

I'm finding things out about myself. I'm a geek, well, THAT I knew. I'm a geek that needs an artistic outlet. "Artistic" may not be the best word (I'm not an art-geek!), let me consult my inner thesaurus... Let's just call it a "creative" outlet. I feel really energized by writing code (javascript, xhtml/xml templates) just to prove to myself that I can create a nice and clean interface. One that goes well beyond plain, but does so while maintaining simplicity. Confused?

In short, It's how I feel about ice cream. I really like vanilla, I mean REALLY! I don't need the super random combination flavors. Sometimes it's nice, but you get tired of it... I never get tired of vanilla. Vanilla is a canvas, ready for the customization that makes it an individual masterpiece. I really like to create things that act as a canvas, that have a subtle richness that won't take away from the content. It is after-all the content that personalizes the experience and keeps people coming back.

It is my goal to create a few templates for use with the Google's blogger layouts. This is my sandbox. These templates will be available as I create them, most likely on this blog, but they may be posted HERE if I feel like it's ready for general availability.

If you have a special template request for your blog, let me know, I might throw some effort at it.

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